Is AffiliatePayload by Alex Goad A “Must Have”

Or Simply Another Rehashed, Tired, Steaming Pile Of Internet Marketing Hyper Boil Created To Line The Pockets Of Alex Goad?

From The Desk Of: Brian Johnson
Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota
Product: Affiliate Payload
Release Date: August 17, 2008
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course / Ebook & Video

Affiliate marketing, it’s a catch phrase that is used by so many internet marketing guru’s today as they describe various ways to make money online. Why is it so popular, what are the benefits and can you really make money with affiliate marketing?

Furthermore, can Alex Goad’s latest affiliate marketing course “AffiliatePayload” really help to shorten the learning curve for you?

These are all important questions for sure, by the end of this affiliate course review you will most certainly have your answers. Furthermore just for stopping by I will also offer you a Free Video Tutorial Course that outlines how I made close to $1500 in the span of four days with a total expense of $13. This course is called “Seven Days To AffiliatePayload Profits” and is based on previous materials by Alex Goad.

Having been a full time internet marketer now for five or six years I have spent plenty of money on various “make money online” courses. Some have been quite helpful while others were not worth the paper I printed them out on. So how can you be sure? I mean how can you be sure that AffiliatePayload will will help guide you through the process of making money with affiliate marketing?

Furthermore it is not just your money that is at risk, but your time as well. How much time can you sink into a dead-end system with little to no hope of ever helping you to make any real money.

The good news is that this product is by Alex and he has released to date four courses that were all sold on clickbank. That’s reassuring news for sure, let’s break it down and I will explain why.

  • Clickbank Business Products Sold
    You may or may not know that all products sold on clickbank come with a full money back guarantee. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back (within the first 58 days of your purchase). This certainly takes off the pressure when trying to decide whether you should buy AffiliatePayload or not. If your not satisfied within two months, you get your money back, simple as that.
  • Previous Products By Alex Goad
    Being a paying member of Players with Money I can attest to the quality of Alex’s products online. When I joined the private membership site back in April I was pleased with the amount of quality manuals and methods that Alex openly offered members. In particular I have learned quite about about sales copy and motivating people online to buy. This is important stuff for one that has their own products.

    The Googleizer Method
    I also want to mention Alex’s Googlizer report, this information was also made available to those that joined “Players” and I have most definitely put it to good use. In fact about three weeks ago I launched a site that has to date earned me somewhere between $1400 and $1500 in profits.

    Mind you I will say that again …. earned me somewhere between $1400 and $1500 in profits. Were not talking revenue here but pure profits as I spent a total of $13 launching the site.

    What is even more impressive is that I spent about four days working on the site ;-)
    (Yea, I know that is one heck of a return on my time). Now just how much I earn in total is still to be determined as the site is still producing fantastic affiliate commissions.

    I also want to mention that Alex has also released other releases that have been best sellers at clickbank. Products such as Project Black Mask, Google Payload and his latest release Four Tier Annihilation Method. All solid products that have helped many to reach their goals online.

    Most importantly however I want to tell you about Alex, first off he is not perfect and many feel he made some mistakes with the launch of his first membership site “Players”. That being said his heart is in the right place and enjoys creating products to help folks like you and me.

    I have had the chance to speak with Alex from time to time and can tell you he is sharp as a whip and you certainly can learn alot from his methods. He has gained my respect as a trusted marketer online, if you purchase AffiliatePayload I am sure we will both share this view point.

Before I move on I want to tell you more about Alex’s Googlizer and how I profited with this information while making it my own. It is all based on quickly launching sites that target keyword phrases, this can be based on either a new product coming to the market or a keyword phrase that has little competition
online. This video below further explains the concepts ….

How I Cashed In With About Four Days Of Work

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“Seven Days To AffiliatePayload Profits”

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As you can see that Googlizer stuff from Alex is powerful stuff and when put into action you can make some nice profits in a matter of days. Best of all it is great for those people just starting out with affiliate or internet marketing as their is no major expenses.

Many people think I am crazy to give this away, however I am confident in my ability to earn money online and I know you will benefit from this info so it is yours. My thank you for subscribing.

But what about Alex’s new product “AffiliatePayload”?

AP is focused on the under appreciated CPA model for affiliate monetization, often times CPA offers are based on lead generation rather than “selling” a product or service. While these offers often times have lower payouts the conversion rates (percentage of people signing up) are usually fantastic with the right type of traffic.

Personally I have made money as an affiliate with lots of various programs online. My first brush with a CPA offer was probibly about five years ago when I was actively promoting the affiliate program. Funny thing was that many other affiliates thought I was crazy to promote an offer that only paid 75 cents per signup. They suggested that I try to sell clothing or other merchandise rather than sending my traffic to

I laughed all the way to the bank as I was making an easy 2k a month for about a 15 month period with one website that I built in the span of several weeks. While it is true the payouts for that CPA programs were quite low I knew their was BUCKET LOADS of people search for “catalog” related searches online.

I also discovered that not many other webmasters or affiliate were targeting “catalog” type phrase online. This would make it easier for me to rank well and cash in. I was able to send to thousands of visitors a day and converted between 9 and 12%. To this day I still earn great money from these type of search terms online ;-)

So Alex is covering an exciting niche within the affiliate industry for sure, not many affiliate marketing courses online have really gone into depth about CPA offers and lead generation. This makes AP stand out from the crowd, were NOT dealing with the same old affiliate marketing tactics that have been taught over and over again.

Further more (and this is what looks really promising to me) is that Alex also covers how to send MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF TRAFFIC online using little known traffic generation system.

Underground Traffic Generation > To CPA Offer For Profits Include:

  • The Global Hijack Method
  • PPV (Pay Per View Ads)
  • Social Media Traffic (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, ect …)
  • F.I.R.T Formula For Unlimited PPC to CPA Profits
  • Co Reg Secrets & How To Build A Huge List On The Cheap
  • How To Incentive Your CPA Offers For Mega Conversions

These are just a handful of core components that are included with AP, you can get all the details by visiting the Knowing the quality of Alex’s previous products especially within the brand of the “Payload” (Google Payload) gets my thumbs up vote of confidence.

Furthermore, as mentioned above this product comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee. If your not satisfied you get a full refund… enough said. That being said I do want to mention several holes that I think Alex might have missed or simply not focused on.

Is AP Practical Enough For Those Getting Started?

AP looks fairly advanced to me, FaceBook apps? Incentivize CPA offers? Co-Registration?

If your just getting started with internet marketing chances are you probably should learn some basic marketing strategies as well as some proven affiliate tactics for cashing in.

As they say you need to learn to walk before you can run, and creating Facebook Applications sounds very technical to me. Alex also mentions Co-Registration, PPC and driving traffic with banner ads.

However what if you just don’t have a lot of disposable income? Then what? How are you going to drive traffic and make money with these powerful CPA offers?

No traffic = no money ;-(

Don’t get me wrong here, their is tremendous information here on how to make money online with CPA affiliate offers. Alex’s AffiliatePayload course combined with my bonus offer (SeoPressFormula) offers you a very detailed tutorial on how to create lasting websites that drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic to high converting CPA offers.

Driving FREE Traffic & Understanding What The Public Is Search For Within PROFITABLE Niches!

SeoPressFormula Will Help You To:

  • Research & Find A Money Making Niche Online
    (you certainly do not want to spend the time to create a site with little to no potential to make money)
  • Create An Advanced Web 2.0 Friendly, Traffic Generating Website
    (No matter what your level of experience is with creating websites)
  • Create A Search Engine Friendly Site According To The Google Webmaster Guidelines
    (Fantastic information to help you address issues that are important to Google)
  • Create Content Based On What I Call “Money Words”
    (This information alone can triple your sites revenue within a matter of minutes)
  • Utilize Web 2.0 Sites To Drive Massive Traffic & Gain Powerful Income Links
    (Another powerful section of the ebook to help drive traffic to your money making site)

My AffiliatePayload Bonus makes your buying decision quite simple, honestly adding this bonus makes me feel like your getting one hell of a deal when you buy Affiliate Payload.

So Just What Is My Bonus?

SeoPressFormula My Complete Business In A Box, Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit Including …

  • 29 How To Wordpress Videos (Over 4.5 Hours In Length)
  • 2 Free Seo Optimized Wordpress Themes (Each Available In Ten Colors)
  • 75 Page Core Training Manual Focusing On Marketing, Driving Traffic, Keyword Optimization & More

This course walks you though choosing the right niche, launching a site as well as what type of keyword driven content you should add and how you should add it. Friends this is a powerful course for both newbies and experienced marketers alike!

Wordpress Users Take Note

SeoPressFormula comes with two complete SEO optimzed wordpress themes, furthermore each theme is available in ten color choices. I paid $400 to have this theme set created in accordance’s with the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

These themes are fast loading, and are structured to ensure your content is optimized straight out of the box.

These themes alone are worth the price of Alex’s course, heck I have paid as much as $200 for wordpress themes (Revolution Themes).

When used in conjunction with the tactics and strategies that are taught within the SeoPressFormula system these themes rank. End of story.

SEOPressFormula Truly A Massive Course

I think we can both agree, that this bonus offer is huge and offers a ton of information. However, more important than just how much is here is the quality. This information is fresh and is not like any other “wordpress” course online today.

But Don’t Take My Word For It …

Over the last few months about 50 beta testers have been working with my SeoPressFormula. Here is what they have had to say about my course and how it has helped them.

Dale Shares His Experience …


Able to put up a site with little to no learning curve, you gave me all the information in explicit step by step detail and the site was making money within 30 days.

Listen To Dale’s Testimonial Here:

Dale East
Tulsa, Oklahoma

David Shares His Experiance


The idea of getting free traffic is just awesome, the course is so well layed out with step by step instruction. Heck even my  15 year old son is doing it!

Listen To David’s Testimonial Here:

David Simpson
Seattle, Washington

Brian Shares His Thoughts


Provided a way to get a site up quickly and easily using wordpress …

Brian McElroy
Dallas, Texas

Niamh Shares Her Experience ….


Only worked with Wordpress a bit before, I now know how to optimize Wordpress, what plugins to use and how to find a profitable niche.

Listen To Niamh’s Testimonial Here:

Niamh Kiernan
The UK

Edson Shares His Experiance…


Always wanted to learn seo, your course made is simple to understand and the videos are great.

Edson Buchanan
Portland, Oregon

Gerry Mash Shares His Experience ….


The videos that came with the system were extremely helpful and clear, I had no trouble at all following along some of the “young guy stuff”.

Listen To Gerry Marsh’s Testimonial Here:

Gerry Mash
Portland Oregon

Alan Bessette Shares His Experience ….


Nothing missing with SeoPress, no need to know html or coding and you can get a website up very quickly that address the Google Guidelines.

Listen To Alan’s Testimonial Here:

Alan Bassett
London, England

Gary Antosh Shares His Experience ….


Great information on Google LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and how you can incorperate that via wordpress categories as well as the in-depth information on the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Listen To Gary’s Testimonial Here:

Gary Antosh
Gulf Coast, Florida

This AffiliatePayload Bonus Is Only Available To

The First 100 People

After That It’s Gone, Period

As mentioned SeoPressFormula will be sold on my clickbank business bonus this coming October, having invest both my time and my own money into this course my goal will be to sell at least 500 copies within the first week. Giving this away now helps me to further beta test and tweak the content, however I do not want to over saturate the market which could make “selling SeoPressFormula” more difficult later.

As you can see this is truly a fantastic bonus offer and my bonus materials compliment what Alex has already created in a strong product that is Affiliate Payload. This is why this bonus will only be available to the first 100 folks.

Reserver Your SeoPressFormula Bonus Offer By

Clearing Your Cookies

Firefox Users:

  • Go to Tools
  • Go to Options
  • Go to Privacy and then Private Data
  • Click “Clear Now”
  • Check “Cache” and “Cookies” and then “Clear Now”
  • Click “Clear Private Data Now”

Internet Explorer 6 Users:

  • Go To Tools
  • Go to Internet Options
  • In the “General” tab (default) and under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
  • Click “Delete Files” under “Temporary Internet Files”
  • Click OK and then OK again.

Internet Explorer 7 Users:

  • Go To Your Control Panel
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Under “Browsing History”, click “Delete”
  • Click “Delete Cookies” under “Delete Cookies “

After you have cleared your cookies, buy Affiliate Payload (And Bonus Offer) From This Link. After you have purchased your copy of Payload please email your clickbank receipt to: and allow up to 24 hours for your bonus items to be delivered.

To Your Success,

Brian G. Johnson

Latest AffiliatePayload Updates

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to cash in on the internet, with the right tools, information and tactics anyone can make it. Alex Goad to release a new product this coming August 17 - “AffiliatePayload” will offer insight in to driving highly targeted traffic to affiliate offers for profit.

As you know Alex has created many fantastic products in the past that have allowed many to quite their day jobs and comfortably earn a living online. Products such as Google Payload, 4 Tier Annihilation Method, the private membership site Players with Money and others.

Speaking from experience I can attest that affiliate marketing is probibly the best way to get started with online or internet marketing. You do not need to worry about customers, answering emails, and other support issues that most internet retailers have to deal with. Money Siphon System Bonus looks like another fantastic offer. By simply driving traffic to various affiliate programs it become possible to make quite a bit of money online if your willing to do the work.

In the coming days I will be offers a free video mini course that outlined how I made over $1,000 in less than one week. The methods taught within my mini course were pioneered by Alex - maybe you have heard of Alex’s “Googlizer” method. What makes this system so powerful?

  • No List Is Need
  • No Expensive PPC Budget Is Needed (Get Started On A Shoestring Budget)
  • It Produces Fantastic Results (As Mentioned Above)

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